Vehicle Go Bag: Survival Bag for Your Car

This is a 2-5 day walking Go-Bag, designed to get you home safely. These items are just a suggestion and an idea to get you to make your own vehicle go bag designed for your location and climate.

    Backpack - Large - Military or camping style
    2-3 Flashlights and Batteries for flashlights
    1 head band / hands free flashlight - with red light for nighttime walking
    2-3 Knives - one for defense and others for basic needs
    Water Filtration device - Pump, Siphon, Gravity feed.. Etc.
    Water Storage device - Canteens, Water bladder, Camel back... Etc.
    2-3 Fire Starting Kits - make one or buy one
    3-5 Complete, unopened MREs

    Extra Clothing - for area and season - Dress in layers if needed
    2 T-Shirts
    2 Pair Shirts / 1 Sweat Shirt - 1 Outer cargo style top
    2 Pair Pants / 1 Sweat pants - 1 Outer cargo style pants
    2 Pairs of underwear
    2 Face cloths and 2 towels
    3-4 Pairs of socks
    Extra pair of Sneakers or Hiking Boots
    Light Jacket
    Medium Jacket
    Small med kit
    Small Survival kit - Fishing line, Hooks.. Etc.
    3-4 Compasses - In case one is lost or damaged
    Toilet Paper - Napkins
    Small Tarp for shelter -
    Rope/550 Cord - 50' Rope (Climbing) - 100' 550 Cord (Mil Spec)
    2 Leatherman multi-tools

Optional depending on state you are traveling in. (I always carry these items)

    Pistol and 150-250 rounds of ammo and magazines for weapon
    Rifle, 200-300 rounds of ammo and magazines for weapon
    Sleeping Bag system
    Small Bolt Cutters - to cut bike locks (better than walking)

This is just a rough outline of items that you might need in your go bag. It is made to get you to think of what you might need for your specific area and needs. For example, If I was in California I would add more food items and more water storage / purification products. If I was in Florida or Texas, more water storage and definitely sun screen in the med kit.

Also in the northern latitudes I would put more warm clothing and more socks into the go bag. Once you have your bag completed know that the heaviest items will be your weapons, ammo and tools included in the go bag. Take the bag and get used to carrying it on the trails. Go and take it for a spin on a small / short trail at first to get used to it. It makes no sense to make this killer go bag only to not be able to carry it.

Don't forget medical needs, like medications you have to take on a daily basis, or that your family members or pets might need.

Article Source: Donald M Combs

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