Hurricane Coming? Don't Get Caught Without These Five Items!

Top 5 things you will need when it's time evacuate!

WATER - Guess what the number one request was for during Hurricane Katrina? Exactly, water. The survivors of that Hurricane complained daily that never ever was enough water. When you evacuate, cram as much water in your bags as you can. Just don't over do it since you might be evacuating on foot for some time, imagine how heavy your bags will get.

Water pouches are a great option, and you can find water pouches on sale at every day. Now you're asking yourself, how long can I live without water? The average person can survive about three to five days without water, in some cases, luckier folks have survived for an average of one week. Don't deprive your body of fluids because the cells and organs in the body eventually begin to deteriorate.

ENERGY BARS - Some of you don't like energy bars, trust me, you won't mind eating them to boost your calories as quickly as possible during an intense situation like a crazy hurricane. Their easy to carry, you can shove a bunch of them in your bags. Energy bars are an excellent source for protein and nutrients, they'll help sustain you during your flight to survive. Try to avoid the energy bars high in sugar content, you don't want to crash and burn and be left with no energy after a short period of time.

FLASHLIGHTS - The laundry list of why flashlights are important both during and after a hurricane is way to long to cover here, and it would not really provide a great deal of value to you. Suffice it to say that for me, it comes down to safety and remaining calm. Safety because you are rarely "all set" when the lights go out. you need to move around, gather food, water, tools, lanterns and so on. And you need to be able to move around safely. Need an example? When we lost power, I decided to get a lantern that was in my back shed. Forget I did, about the rusty old fire pit left in the yard. Great! Start off with an injury... nice. As far as the remaining calm goes, kids, wife and generally everyone remains much more calm if there are some lights around, even if it is coming from a few flashlights. Flashlights help keep people calm while riding out the storm... Kids might even get a little sleep if there is some light in their room.

SLEEPING BAG - Would you rather sleep on the floor, or sleep in your very own emergency sleeping bag while your sitting in a temporary shelter? Sleeping bags are inexpensive at Amazon, grab one or two and be ready to evacuate.

SURVIVAL KITS - On any given day, the average person can not remember everything that should be "kitted up" if your faced with an extended period without power, water and even the food you usually eat. So, on a good day, you likely will not be able to remember everything, how well will you do when confronted with a survival situation and need to round up the essentials. That is were a premade survival kit is worth its weight as insurance. These are thought through by professionals and will include MANY items that you will never think of until its time to need them. Also, the shelf life of many of these kits is years, so it is an investment in keeping your family safe, just in case.

Article Source: Ron W Maddox

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