Preparing For and Surviving Natural Disasters

Are you prepared the next time a natural disaster strikes? Unfortunately, many people have not made the simple and inexpensive preparations necessary to help them get through a natural disaster. What if an earthquake, tornado or hurricane strikes? The direct damage caused by these natural disasters can tear your home apart. What most people don't understand is that these disasters can cause widespread power outages. These outages can cause the closing of supermarkets, ATMs and other important businesses, which could leave us cut off from those basic supplies and services that we normally take for granted.

Fortunately, by taking a few minutes and spending a little cash, you can prepare yourself against these types of disasters. In emergencies, it is important to have the right type of survival kits, communication products and emergency food and water supplies that will help get you and your family through these difficult times.

These types of kits are inexpensive, when compared to the money you might have to spend to get the basics you would need to survive. With these types of products, for disaster preparedness, you can be sure your family and pets will be safe and it is all within your reach.

The cutting off of electricity, is one of the most widespread effects of a natural disaster. You won't be able to operate anything electrical that cannot run on an alternate source of electricity. Depending on the extent of the natural disaster, the power could be out for hours, days or even weeks. You will want to make sure there are essential items, easily accessible, when the power goes out. This will guarantee, you and your family, will have what they need until the power is restored and local businesses can reopen.

A flashlight is a natural choice when the power goes out. Hopefully, most people will have one handy. You will also need other devices, such as a cell phone and emergency radio, to call out for help. The radio is important as it will keep you in communication with what is happening around you. A battery-operated radio is nice, however, the batteries will run down. A better choice might be a hand crank radio that you wind every 30 minutes or so. This type of radio will last as long as you need it.

Another necessity is fresh water, non-perishable food and prescription medicine that will last you a specific amount of time. Depending where you live and what type of natural disasters strikes your area, will determine how much of the necessities will be needed. The worst disaster is not being prepared for one.

Article Source: Robert W Johnson

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