Reasons to Prepare - Don't Wait, It Will Be Too Late

We all mention it in jest. What will you do when the end comes. Perhaps at a party or at the bar with friends. The fact is that one day the end will come and when it is here it will be too late to get ready. There is no need to panic now however. A little forethought and perhaps a small investment you too can be ready when the apocalypse arrives.

This end can come from many sources. All a person has to do is watch the news, read the paper, or just look at an online current events site. There is always some event being thrown at us that has some potential cataclysmic outcome. I am sure that is why some people even avohd the new all together. The barrage of evidence is obvious and now is the time to take note and get ready for the inevitable.

The first area of potential catastrophe and probably foremost is the environment or a natural disaster. The recent floods, hurricanes, global warming, and water crisis have probably brought a drop of sweat to your brow. It has mine. 

Our planet sees us as a pest that is destroying it and is trying to get rid of us. This is a battle that we cannot win as we live on this earth and are damaging it beyond repair.

Now I move to the issue of the man-made disasters. I am speaking to issues like a gas shortage, financial collapse, terrorism, or biological warfare. Once we run out of the sources we need for our "modern" appliances it is sure that some sort of chaos will break out. Everything that we now rely on to survive will be useless once our electricity goes out or we run out of the gas for our cars. A terrorist can also pose a big threat to us by releasing a biological weapon or perhaps even nuclear attacks. We are in a dangerous and pivotal point in time when the balance can be easily be tipped.

Finally, I am going to address the matter everyone has heard of the Mayan calendar prophesy. On December 12th of 2012 the end is predicted to come as the Mayan calendar is over. This is believed to relate to a great number of things. However, it is significant that the most intelligent culture on earth ended its calendar that day. Could this day be the end?

This is not meant to be a scare tactic. However, it never hurts to be aware of the current goings on and how they can relate to the end. We may be put in this situation. It's easy to say, "not in my lifetime" but looking at what is going on this great planet earth one has to wonder.

Article Source: Sid Credeur Jr


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