Stun Guns and Tasers - Pros and Cons

If you have done even a little bit of research regarding self defense, you surely have encountered modern weapons such as stun guns and tasers. These are just 2 of the most common and most popular types of modern self defense weapons available out there in the market. Since personal and property security are always on top of most people's priorities, a lot of individuals these days have a stun gun or a taser gun in their bags or even pockets. They come in different models and they are available for use by civilians in most countries. They are proven to be very effective when it comes to protecting your self and your property but they are also known to have some disadvantages.


Taser guns and stun guns are very easy to use so people would save a lot of time if they choose these modern weapons for self defense. 

Other self defense methods are indeed effective and provide a lot of benefits; they take longer to learn as compared to the use of the said gadgets or weapons. Another big advantage they provide is convenience. They could fit inside your purse and even in your pockets. One push of a button is all you may need to operate them.

Other advantages of the use of tasers and stun guns are accessibility and efficiency. As mentioned earlier, they are available in many different shops all over the globe. They can even be purchased online through different websites. No problem in finding them if you have the budget and you know what resources to tap. They come in various designs and models so there is an ideal one for men and women and at the same time they could be fashionable too. As for their efficiency, there is no doubt about it. Law enforcement officers use them so you can be sure that they are very effective.


One of the biggest drawbacks in the use of stun guns and tasers is that they could be used for other purposes aside from self defense. They could also be mishandled or misused and it could lead to self-inflicted injuries or accidental harm to other peopld. It could also be used to attack another person which is why their use is not yet legalized in some countries.

All the benefits these weapons provide can easily turn into a disadvantage if the owner is not responsible enough to use them properly. They are easy to get and easy to use for purposes which are the complete opposite of self defense.

Weigh the pros and cons that these self defense weapons provide before deciding to get one for personal use. Though there may be many people who are saying that they are the best self defense technique that you can utilize, the final decision is still up to you. You can learn more about them through research in the internet or by reading some materials to make sure that you make the right decision of whether not getting them.

Article Source: Cori Baker

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  1. Although stun guns and taser have the potential to be used by criminals. This is rare. I think they are still important and they need to continue to be an option for self defense.