How to Find the Most Appropriate Self Defense Devices for You

Personal protection can be accomplished in different ways. The use of a self defense device is one of them. If you are thinking about purchasing a self defense device which can help protect you, you need to consider several factors:

Size and weight. If you wanted to use something in order to protect you, you should not settle for products which will be hard for you to operate. Situations when you will need these devices require fast action. In order to be able to respond quickly, the products that you are using needs to be light and simple to use.

If you need to carry the device or product in your bag when you get out of the house, you should take into account how large or small it is. Choose one that isn't too large. You won't need these items every day. You just want to be prepared when the time comes. 

And so, you should not burden yourself with having to carry something that is too big or something that weighs a ton. You should also select those which are not too small as you might have a hard time trying to find in your bag. Also, products like sprays or stun guns do not have enough stopping power when stored in very small containers.

Price. These days, selecting products based on their price is a wise decision. You do not want to spend too much on these items when you can get them at reasonable prices. However, you should not settle for those that are very cheap. Chances are, these products can't really do what they promised to do.

What you should be looking for are items that are from reliable manufacturers. To avoid fakes, only buy from reputable sellers. Keep in mind that these products can save your life. You won't need to spend too much for them. But, you also should not be stingy.

Durability. As said, you might not be using these items too often. Some people don't get to use them as trouble hasn't come their way. Therefore, when you are selecting a self defense device, you have to choose something that will last a very long time. Keep in minds that there are those that have expiration dates. Those that run on batteries might need replacement batteries. Some parts of the product might also need to be replaced.

Effectiveness. You are faced with the task of protecting your life or the life of your loved ones. And so, you have to find the right product that will be able to stop an attacker. Most women settle for pepper sprays or mace sprays as they can stop an attacker and give them enough time to get away and call for help. Other individuals opt to have those that have stronger stopping power. These people will settle for a stun gun or a Taser gun. Furthermore, it might be wise to buy self defense devices that are disguised as everyday items one can carry inside a bag. There are products which are made to look like cell phones, flashlights, lipstick, etc.

Article Source: Cori Baker

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