Hyperinflation Preparedness - Water Storage And Purification

Water will take up a lot of your storage space, keeping it in small 1 gallon plastic bottles would be expensive if store bought. Another better and cheaper solution is to have a number of 30 or 55 gallon plastic sealed drums with bung holes and tight fitting screw on bung caps that have been cleaned out with a water/bleach solution. Fill each drum with clean or filtered tap water and place 2 drops of household chlorine bleach per quart or 8 drops per gallon into each water drum and seal the bung caps tightly. Try to store the water drums out of direct sunlight if possible. This will keep your stored water fresh. You can also use products such as Polar Pure Water Disinfectant with iodine to aid to keeping your bulk water storage even fresher.

A storage system like this would allow water to stay fresh for up to 6 months before you needed to swap out or clean, refill & retreat each drum. You might even be able to construct a simple system for collecting rain water runoff from your roof by disconnecting your downspout and attaching a large funnel with a hose attached to it that can be used to fill standby clean plastic water barrels. 

Then you could either treat that water or use it through a hand purification system before drinking it. This is an excellent source for gathering additional water that can be converted into drinking water if it is raining.

Do not expect that your municipal water system will be working and water flowing through your home water taps. If you do have water, chances are it will be of a much lower standard than you normally receive. Expect there will be problems at all water treatment plants during a crisis such as hyperinflation. A better option with fewer hassles to bulk water storage is having your own portable water purification system so you can use whatever water source is available and purify the water safely to drink on the spot or transfer it to a ready reserve drinking water container for later use.

Water Purification Devices

Are available. Small in size and light weight they are used by survivalists, backpackers and campers in wilderness situations. Small enough to fit in your hand and totally self contained, requiring no additional filters, chemicals or components these small units will purify up to 150 gallons of water from any water source. A larger unit (no bigger than a shoe box) can purify up to 1000 gallons. They remove all microbiological, chemical and aesthetic contaminants. They are independently certified to meet EPA Microbiological Guide Standards for removal of bacteria, cysts and viruses. They are excellent for removing herbicides, pesticides and othdr chemical contaminants, and removing foul taste, odor and color. Leaving you with a fresh tasting supply of drinking water.


Are important additions sometimes overlooked such as prescription medication. Anyone who is on daily medication or in need of specific meds in an emergency should talk to their doctor and pharmacist and try to have at least 3 -6 months' supply on hand that can be stored with all your supplies. It is also important to swap it out regularly so it never exceeds its expiration date. And stock up a good supply on first aid supplies such as cotton, band-aids, rubbing alcohol, iodine, aspirin, cold tablets, first aid tape etc. You know the area you live in and the potential dangers that might be waiting such as snake bites, trips & falls, colds & flu etc. Plan ahead to include whatever you think you and your family will need. Be Prepared!

Article Source: Tom Genot

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