Giving a Helping Hand

We often encounter situations were we attempt to do the right thing but in the process we inadvertently endanger our family or friends. As compassionate individuals we frequently have a very naive perspective towards human nature when confronted with a crisis and as a result we can and do choose the wrong course of action. It is highly likely that in our desires to help our fellow-man we could end up not just in a dangerous situation but possibly dead.

The problem which I see is that there are not enough people who are preparing for an uncertain future in our nation. In that case the question is posed as to whether we should band together as members of a dead society or should we fight the hazards individually. We could in all reality go it alone but it would be nice to help others as we move along the way back to a civilized nation. Right now we have a bit of time where we can ponder our way of thinking about the future situations and discover the pros and cons of helping others. At some future date this advantage will be taken from us and instant decisions will need to be made.

Having said that, let us suppose that at some future time we experience the aftermath results of a nuclear holocaust. It may occur in a small, remote section of our country or if really drastic it could envelope our complete nation. At that time no one is likely to be too concerned with who owns a particular section of property, who may have a deed to a home or anything else other than survival in any manner possible. The main objective of many will be how those who have not can take away from those who have. Review the past results involving Haiti or Katrina. There were no deeds, no titles or no law in existence as we know it today. There were lots of well wishers who invited strangers into their home and actually thought they would leave when requested to but that simply was not the case. If you as well into this type of mindset you might as well dig a grave now because the odds are simply not on their side.

Sure you can look at the issue as thinking people of all ages and types can contribute something useful towards the group as a whole such as cooking, teaching, providing medical services to the sick or other useful purposes but don't fool yourself. You may be saying to yourself okay, Joe. "I will make an agreement with these people who I allow to enter and remain on my property I will explain exactly what is expected of them while residing there. They will be told upfront that if they fail to live up to their agreement they will be forced to leave the property. I will stress that deadly force could and will be used against them." This is all well and good except what is to prevent them from reversing the situation and using deadly force against you?

Perhaps if you are lucky you might be able to place some strong sedatives in their food and drinks which would disable them long enough for you to physically remove them without having to harming them. Notice I say perhaps in this case.

Under normal circumstance you would not have any problems allowing people to work and live on your property and you have every legal right to make up the rules of what is expected from them. But this is not the normal every day stream of thought. What if these visitors decide it is time to make someone else the leader even though they do not own the property?

Don't get me wrong, I feel that if you have compatible people who are willing and able to respect certain boundaries the idea may work out well. The problem seen here is that there are hundreds of thousands of people during a crisis that do not respect boundaries. Possibly those people who are like-minded and have the same basic goals can and will make it during those trying times.

For my own part, I would never permit more than a handful of people to occupy my property and even than they would most likely be those people whom I already have established a relationship with and possess a manner of trust. Those people would have shown me in the past that they are honest, sincere and can be loyal allies. Under no circumstances could I imagine ever wanting to host a large group of people on a few acres. First, it would not be possible to grow enough food in order to support that many people.

Anyone considering setting up some sort of group should watch and study the 2008 movie entitled defiance which shows how a group of people can grow and even thrive in a wilderness type setting. It gives excellent examples of competent leadership and addresses the issues of dissent among the group. This was essentially based upon a real situation. Remember, dealing with dissent and a vast number of egos in such a situation can develop into a very sticky mess especially when so many people will have guns during those times.

Article Source: Joseph Parish

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